Monday, April 19, 2010


Menarik phone nie coz sebelum nie syok kat HD2 tapi besar sangat & mini nie nampak sesuai..

UK press release..

We're delighted to announce that the new HTC HD Mini is now available on Orange and O2.
The HD Mini is of course based on the superb HTC Touch HD2 which has been very popular. The reason for the release of the Mini HD is simply to provide a high end full featured Windows Mobile phone in a more pocket friendly size. The original HD2 had a huge 4.3 inch screen which while delivering an amazing viewing experience made the phone rather large to keep in a pocket. The HD Mini scales back the screen to a more reasonable 3.2 inches making the HD Mini a neat compact phone that still offers all the high end features of its big brother.
The HTC HD Mini runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 offering a familiar user experience along with the ability to read MS Office documents and download a great range from the Windows Marketplace. Running on top of Windows Mobile is HTC’s excellent Sense user interface providing features such as animated weather, a Twitter client, pinch to zoom for web pages and photos and even conference calling.
Elsewhere the feature set on the HTC HD Mini is the same as the Touch HD2, meaning you’ll enjoy an excellent 5MP camera, HSDPA and WiFi along with GPS and an excellent media player all wrapped up in a neat, compact and stylish case.